Marriage done by selling a minor girl

BIHAR- Women are increasingly being tortured every day and some news is shameful to humanity, knowing who everyone's head tears of shame.  Sensational news that comes from Bihar's Narsinghpur district also falls in the same category.

In fact, on Sunday, the police had abducted a minor girl from Baran Chowki area of ​​Bihar a few days ago, revealing the matter of revealing the case of selling a minor girl who was abducted and given her marriage.  ASP Manoj Sukla said that on June 12, the victim's father had lodged a complaint in Baran Chaki, that her minor girl was taken away on June 1, and the matter of abduction was started and the complaint was initiated.

During the investigation, the informant informs the police that Nikki Sharma and Lakshmi Rajput, who live in Hoshangabad, sell the Gutka pouch through the trains between Itarsi and Kareli, through whom a 16-17-year-old minor girl whose color is fair is close to one  Lakshmi Rajput has kept her house since the week and is looking for customers to sell.  The police team met Lakshmi Rajput's house where Lakshmi Rajput found her husband Prakash Rajput and her boyfriend Nikki Sharma resident of village Machodia district Hoshangabad.
On strict inquiry, both said that on June 7 they had got girls at Itarsi station, whom they had brought home with them.  After this, Asus alias Ashik Khan and Gajraj Gadaria resident of village Furera district Ashoknagar have been approached to sell the minors.  Through them, the minor was married to Ghanshyam Sharma, 39, who lived in Ashoknagar on the 13th of June in the temple.  Instead, the accused also got Rs 60 thousand from Ghanshyam.

After this, the team formed for the suffering of the victim was raped at Ganjbasoda, Gulabganj, Vidisha, Sehore, Itarsi and other suspected places and inquiries related to the case were also inquired and the police reached the accused.  The police said that accused Laxmi Rajput, Nikki Sharma, Ghanshyam Sharma have been arrested.  The searches of Asu alias Ashik Khan and Gajraj Gadariya are continuing which will be arrested soon.

In this way even today, minor children are being sold and bought in our country and women are increasing day by day.  In a mere Rs 50000-60000, an innocent child is being played with life and not being aware of how many girls are being messed up with life.

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